Dougie Mackay

"Witches, Wee Folk, Watery Beasties"
£7 admission

Dougie Mackay shares a ceilidh of tales from the wilds of northern Scotland and beyond.  Journey through a beautiful, mysterious landscape, drinking peaty waters from lochs rumored to heal.  Dance at the base of hillsides still lilting with echoes of fairy music, and keep a keen eye as darkness falls and "he who should not be named" wanders in disguise, offering mortal happiness in exchange for souls.

Dougie is prominent amongst Scotland's emerging storytellers, performing sell out shows at Tradfest and the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, and telling further afield at Festival at the Edge in 2017 and Vilnius Storytelling Conference in 2018.

He enjoys bringing warmth, humour and freshness to lesser known Scottish wonder tales.


The hunger for narrative is a basic human instinct. Stories help us make sense of the world and give structure and order to our everyday lives.  They tell us what is important, what is not and give us a way to connect people's individual experiences to those of others. They help us identify with universal truths. Stories are a way we put a human face on the world, which is something we have always needed and valued. Some of our most profound decisions are made emotionally, not rationally. Stories tap into emotions better than anything else.

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Hebden Bridge Folk Roots Festival presents...

'The Sapphire Staff'
By Shonaleigh
8pm, The Stubbing Wharf, King St, Hebden Bridge
Friday 11th  May 2018 Tickets £5 / Festival Wristbands

Shonaleigh is a storyteller who was brought up in the Drut’syla tradition by her Bubbe (Grandmother). A dedicated and committed storyteller, who has actively worked to expand and share her tradition, she has a repertoire of over three thousand stories which can be adapted as appropriate for the theme and audience with whom she is working.She has performed in venues from church halls to London’s Albert Hall, from forests to the Barbican and at festivals in the U.K., on the Continent, USA and New Zealand. 

In 'The Sapphire Staff' an ancient warlord is looking for three objects that will give him possession of all the kingdoms of the world.
The Sapphire Staff given to Adam at the beginning of the world, that can make the waters of the world part; the Snakeskin Cloak that smells of the Apples of the Garden of Eden and the Book Of All Things which contains the song of the sun and the thoughts of the rain.  Only two people can stop him…

Also... 'Beyond the Veil of Calderdale'

(The Original Hebden Bridge Ghost Walk)
By Ursula Holden Gill

5.30pm, The Wavy Steps, Bridge Gate, Hebden Bridge
Saturday 12th May 2018, Tickets £5 / Festival Wristbands

Naked Races, Witchcraft, the Black Death, Robin Hood and a few new surprises await Beyond the Veil of Calderdale; a spine tingling, grisly ghost walk brought to you by nationally acclaimed, Hebden Bridge based Storyteller, Ursula Holden Gill. For our 2018 Folk Roots Festival, Ursula has further developed this deliciously dark, Original Hebden Bridge Ghost Walk so that all who accompany her can squirm at the horrible histories and blood thirsty tales she’s recently discovered.  Join her on Saturday 12th May 2018, above the Wavy Steps in the centre of town (HX7 8EX) at 5.30pm. Suitable for families, prams, wheelchairs and dog lovers alike this promises to be a magical evening of murder, mystery and mayhem…

“She is a magic lady.” (Ben Harris for Whitby Folk Week 2016) 


"Tell me a fact and I'll learn. Tell me a truth and I'll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever."


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