Tristan Langlois

£7 admission

This month our storytellers will be drawn from members of the audience. Anyone wishing to tell a tale (up to about 10 minutes long) is most welcome to do so. Equally, anyone who just wants to listen is also welcome!

Tristan Langlois

"Silence & the Wizard's Laugh"
£7 admission

In a time after Arthur, when dragons roamed  and wizards hid, when men were women and women were men - a  mysterious storyteller weaves dreams and weathers nightmares to survive. Tristan Langlois recounts the oddly modern medieval  Roman de Silence, a 700 year old exploration of gender, identity, fantasy and farce.

Tristan ran the award-winning heitage theatre company Past Pleasures for many years, during which time he told tales in (and was occasionally slung out of) most of the great castles and manor houses of England. He continues to work for museums and galleries as a storyteller whether they want him to or not. He specialises in the epic, the obscure, the scurrilous and the obscene, delivered with relish and what he hopes is engaging charm.

Rod & Eddie

"Two Tykes on t'Loose"
£7 admission

For an evening celebrating Yorkshireness song and story, (mainly humorous) join Rod Dimbleby, local author and storyteller, specialist in Yorkshire dialect stories and Eddie Lawler, locally known as the "Bard of Saltaire."

Fred Versonnen

"Stories of my Grandfather"
£7 admission

Fred is a storyteller from Flanders in Belgium who loves stories to listen to and to tell.  At present he is teaching in a Circus School and a highschool for teachers trainers. For several years he was a clinic clown for children's hospitals.  Besides performing on stage Fred has a lively and colourful background as a street performer entertaining audiences as a jester, stilt walker, fire crasher, clown, juggler, and storyteller.

He performed several times at Alden Beisen the famous international storytelling festival in Belgium. But the last three years Fred was also active in the Netherlands, the UK, Sweden, Denmark and he even did a few stories (rather to his own surprise) in Derry in 2013.

Since 2013 Fred is also organising international storytelling evenings with Fonkelvogel.

A powerful and thoughtful storyteller, he has a special preference for the popular stories of his grandfathers, dark and jolly medieval histories, and understandably stories that evoke the atmosphere of fairs and carry the essence of an old time circus.


Pete & Gorg Chand

£7 admission

"...when the door was locked, the finely dressed royals shed their human forms and feasted from the bowls of sweetened warm milk. When their bellies were full, they transformed from snakes back to men again and the festivities continued..."

A collection of dark, powerful and thoughtful snake stories shared from Indian myth and folktale. Brought to you by Peter and Gorg Chand, who both have a deep connection and love for stories from their motherland.

Starting with the myth of the serpent god who gave mankind voice, and winding through the realms of magic, sensuality and serpent lore from various parts of the sub-continent. SNAKESkin is a unique and vibrant piece of storytelling, brought to life by two highly skilled and engaging storytellers. (suitable for children)


Alex Ultradish

"Two Birds"
FRIDAY 26 MAY 2017
£7 admission

During Alex's maternity non leave, she visited the park. A lot. Not very remarkable you may think but wait til you hear what she learned on her visits. Stories from all over the world. Short ones, long ones, happy ones, others not so.

Telling of tales new or old will be given the standard Ultradish treatment, mixing tradtional with contemporary. Join her on a journey from your seat to the skies via the local pond. If you have a babel fish, bring that too.

Disclaimer: There will not be any nappy talk or photos of the child you must coo over.

"The most convincing storyteller I've heard"
Festival at the Edge steward

"I was lost in her story, they couldn't get my attention when my bacon sandwich arrived for my snack."
Pupil at Friars School, Wellingborough

3 Troubadours

"Mobile Dreams"
£7 admission

'3Troubadours'is formed by three storytellers from different European countries. Torgrim Mellum Stene (Norway), Tom Van Outryve (Belgium) and Markus Luukkonen  (Finland)

'Mobile dreams' is a poetic, funny and warm storytelling performance about the everlasting human search for truth, freedom and beauty in a playful stream of four languages (English, Norwegian, Finnish and Dutch).

Everything is understandable for an English-speaking audience.


Dave Tonge

"Dame Fortune's Wheel"
£7 admission

Dave Tonge is new to Shaggy Dog but not new to the storytelling scene. "The Yarnspinner of Norwich" is a historian, author and a wonderful teller of tales.

Dame Fortune's Wheel & The Three Estates is an exploration of the three 'classes' of men and women from long ago. Those who worked, those who prayed and those who fought. The performance vividly illustrates the ups and downs of people’s lives as they rode upon Fortune’s Wheel. The stories also celebrate the use of the mystical number three, a motif commonly found in many traditional tales. The performance promises a compelling mix of humorous and revealing tales, interwoven with crafty and relevant riddles. Tale telling that brings the long past into the here and now.


Liz Weir

"Love & Legends"
£7 admission

Liz is Ireland’s greatest ambassador, taking as she does her vast store of stories around the world. She shares dreams and delights from her homeland that will make you smile and make you frown, but never ever get you down. A evening with Liz is guaranteed to brighten your life!

Liz Weir is a storyteller and writer from Northern Ireland, who has told her stories to children and adults on five continents. As a children’s librarian for the city of Belfast in the 1970s, she learned about the healing power of storytelling. Liz tells stories in small storytelling clubs and at major international festivals, such as the National Storytelling Festival in Tennessee and the Australian National Storytelling Festival. She has performed in Israel, at universities in Germany and Wales, on TV between Australia and Canada, in the mighty Vanderbilt Hall of New York’s Grand Central Station, and in quiet hospital rooms.

Keith Donnelly

"Witches, Wizards & Wings"
FRIDAY 27 January 2017
£7 admission


Best known for his hilarious anecdotes and true stories (as Jasper Carrot observed "Keith could make sheep laugh!), not to mention writing jokes for some of the funniest people on the planet, Keith now presents his first full story set.


Everyone knows there are only 7 stories in the world..........so here are 7 more!

7 tales of magic and wonder that you won't have heard before. Interspersed with more than a few of Keith's trademark hilarious jokes and observations (not to mention a song or three), often accompanied by his wonderful guitar work, these short tales will delight audiences old and new.


Christmas Party!

WEDNESDAY 21 December 2016
£7 admission

NOT storytelling as usual anyway but there will a party in December. That means stories from the floor and wine and mince pies included in the price of admission

Winter tales

"Winter Tales"
FRIDAY 25 November 2016

£7 admission

With over 80 years' of combined, award winning storytelling, musical, festival and theatrical experience, storyteller Tony Wilson and violinist Tom McConville present a collection of Winter stories from around the world. With a wealth of wit, charm and an easy humour they have been amazing and amusing family audiences throughout the World with their ability to woo any gathering with their outstanding presentation.                             



Stories from the floor

Stories from the Floor
"Fright Night"
FRIDAY 28 October 2016

£7 admission

This month at the Shaggy Dog we're hosting a Stories from the Floor Halloween Special 
where anyone burning to tell a ten minute tale, share a ballad, a song or even a poem or two will be welcome to do so. During the first half of the evening tellers can spin out their yarns following whatever thread they fancy (so if you've got a story you've been saving since April, this month would be a good time to share it with everyone) but from 9pm onwards the theme will most definitely be FRIGHT NIGHT....Join our resident tellers with stories of murder, mystery and mayhem. 8pm upstairs in The Stubbing Wharf, King St. See you there if you dare!

Ursula Holden Gill

"Romance & Ragamuffins!"
FRIDAY 30 September 2016

£7 admission

Romance and Ragamuffins is a one woman tour de force, celebrating the bizarre, the off centre and the wallflower alike through storytelling, comedy, music, dance and song. Featuring Ursula’s latest real life masterpiece Ladies Who Live Together this is love against all odds (where the odds are truly bonkers)!

When Ursula Holden Gill steps on to the stage your first impression is of a Victorian urchin with a somewhat impish twinkle in her eyes.  However, you very swiftly realise that she is in fact a one woman whirlwind able to inhabit any number of characters at the drop of a usually invisible hat! The show itself is very insightful and gives much to think about and is performed in an incredibly high octane style by a lady of great charm.”

(Reviewer for Settle Storytelling Festival, April 2016)


Tom and George

"It's a TWO-FER!"
FRIDAY 26 August 2016

£7 admission

Shaggy Dog Storytellers present a TWO-FER...that's a two for the price of one event!!!

Our featured tellers for the night are:

TOM HUGHES performs "THE PIPER'S TALE". The bagpiper strolls through the folk tales of Europe, sometimes the wise fool, other times a trickster, or prisoner of the underworld.  

Tom’s stories invite you into the piper’s world.  The collected tales of many years are shared, along with tunes on various bagpipes to awaken the legends.


A selection of monologues and songs. This ebook collection has been compiled by Pennine Pens - connected to Heb Web.
Rather than adapting existing tales, George has invented his own characters and mini dramas, inspired by the recent history of Hebden Bridge and the surrounding towns and villages of Upper Calder. Along the way he has been learning the performance skills of an almost defunct but warmly remembered art form. He returns to his home venue for a celebration of life round here.


Usifu Jalloh

The Cowfoot Prince
FRIDAY 29 July 2016

£7 admission

Shaggy Dog Storytellers return home to Stubbing Wharf! A celebratory occasion as this famous club returns to the Wharf and present a dynamic performer of African tales. Usifu Jalloh provides a unique combination of story, drum music, song, dance and interaction.

The tales uplift with the message of using your talents to fulfil your dreams. Please be seated before the 8pm start. £7 on the door. Why not book a meal in advance in the revamped pub?

Usifu Jalloh is an award winning performer, who has been honoured in Sierra Leone for his unique contribution to culture and for helping to revive the art of storytelling in Africa.


Giles Abbott

Patched & Mended
FRIDAY 24 June 2016

£7 admission

Life is a patchwork, we make do and mend. So how do you survice the bad stuff?

GILES ABBOTT, the Uk's only blind professional storyteller weaves the tale of Pryderi and Manawydan from the Mabinogion together with the true story of how he lost his sight, aged 25 and living in Todmorden, and what he did in response.

A moving and uplifting story!


Stories from the floor


FRIDAY 27 May 2016

£7 admission

Listen to stories from the very talented bunch of tellers from the Calder Valley. This is another opportunity for you to tell the story that you have been dying to tell for ages. If you just want to listen, that is also fine.

Cat Weatherill

"The Golden Oak"
FRIDAY 29 April 2016

£7 admission

People love trees! The Woodland Trust alone has over 500,000 members. Thousands more enjoy woodland walks without joining anything. A walk is one of life's greatest free pleasures.

The Golden Oak will enhance that pleasure. The show is a celebratory feast of facts, folklore, curious superstitions, stories, poems and songs, all on the theme of British trees. It is presented with a slideshow of tree photos from the photographer and Westonbirt forester Phil Hinton.

Cat is one of the UK’s leading performance storytellers. She has told stories at some of the most prestigious venues and festivals in the land, including the Royal Albert Hall, the Barbican, the South Bank Centre, The Cheltenham Literature Festival, the Edinburgh Book Festival and The Hay Festival (eleven times!) She also works internationally. She will be performing at the Sydney Writers Festival in May.


Emily Hennessey

FRIDAY 25 March 2016

£7 admission

Kali. The story of Hindu mythology's wildest godess.

From demure housewife to bloodthirsty godess, gurgling infant to elephant man, meditating sage to cosmic fire-eater, Hindu mythology illuminates a mind-blowing world of radical transformations.

Kali is one of the wildest shape-shifters of all. DEmon-slayer, Life-saver, Supreme-mother, Destruction-dancer, this godess is truly Awesome.

When an evil power spreads its clawed hands across the world, Kali's time has come....

Join storyteller, Emily Hennessey, for a white knuckled tuc-tuc ride through sun kissed palaces, fiend infested forests and every cacophonous saffron-scented marketplace inbetween.

Christine McMahon

"Still On Tenterhooks"
FRIDAY 26 February 2016

£7 admission

Christine tells tales close to home, even when she is far away. For this commissioned set we have asked her to reflect on her performing career. Here she tells traditional tales - often containing a hefty dollop of humour - going full circle to return to The Red Shoes, the first tale she told at our club. Still on Tenterhooks references suspense and tales drawn from the cotton and weaving towns of Lancashire and Yorkshire.
Christine has performed at Cape Clear International Storytelling Festival, Crosscurrents Festival in Australia, Glistening Waters Festival in New Zealand, Dublin Yarn-spinners and headed the bill at The Festival at the Edge. She has been a storyteller for major theatre and opera companies.
She writes, "On Tenterhooks was a set of stories based on me searching for stories to connect me to my past."

Debs Newbold

"Tales from the Bawdy Bardess"
FRIDAY 29 January 2016

£7 admission

Debs Newbold knows the meaning of the word 'bawdy' as well as any woman with 5 aunts, a wily grandmother and a Chaucer fixation possibly can.  In this show you will hear three frolicksome tales from merrie Olde Europe all told with a glorious dollop of Debs' masterful ribaldry; one English, one French, one Italian, all roll-off-your-chair funny.

Chaucer, Boccaccio and the anonymous writer of a fruity French Fabliau get a womanly reworking in this skilful and rollicking piece of 'stand-up storytelling' that had a packed house at FaTE 2015 clutching their sides and reaching for their Canterbury Tales. 

Suitable for age 14+

The best storyteller in all the kingdoms...an incredible and rare talent.”

- Becky Burchell, Arts Programmer, Bestival.

She is luminous on-stage” 

- Nell Phoenix, Storynight at Torriano, London.

Amazing - the female Les Dawson!

- Towersey Festival

Pete Chand

"Dark Tales from India"
FRIDAY 30 October 2015

£7 admission

From shape-shifters to cunning seducers and sadistic mother in laws to sensual spirits; British Indian Storyteller Peter Chand has brought together a collection of truly dark and disturbing stories from India, several told here for the first time!

Peter Chand is one of Europe's most renowned storytellers and specialises in stories from the Indian subcontinent - the land of his parents.


Andy Harrop-Smith

"The Waterloo Smile"
FRIDAY 25 September 2015

£7 admission

Andy Harrop-Smith is sort of proud to present his latest offering from the barbecue of storytelling (charred around the edges, raw in the middle)

The Waterloo Smile

A soldier’s journey from Waterloo to the Final Frontier, in story, song and poetry. Includes a brief history of tooth extraction, some political incorrectness, and the possibility of mild nausea.




Clive Hopwood

"All of my Stories are True"
FRIDAY 28 August 2015

£7 admission

Clive Hopwood performs, "All my stories are true, (but some are truer than others).

Clive Hopwood returns to Stubbing Wharf, with a sparkling and varied collection of gem like tales.

Amongst his many pioneering projects, Clive developed the brilliant Storybook Dad/Mum project by supporting imprisoned parents in prisons across the country.

He was the subject of the Radio 4 documentary, 'The Goodnight Tales' and winner of the Lord Longford Prize in 2004 and the British Awards for Storytelling Excellence Community Project 2012


Feargal Lynn

"Songs & Stories from the Glens"
FRIDAY 31 July 2015

£7 admission

This month, we welcome the warm and wonderful Irish storyteller Feargal Lynn.

Through his tales, spoken and sung, he keeps alive the stories of those that have gone. Feargal grew up under the feet of the characters visiting his parents' shop and was transfixed by their tales from the glens and the stories they told about each other in a time when no one was in a hurry. Intertwines stories with his own songs and songs rarely heard.


Sarah Rundle

"The Forest of Chance Encounters"
FRIDAY 26 June 2015
£7 admission

The Forest of Chance Encounters is one long tale melded together from four stories in Italo Calvino’s collection of Italian Folktales: - four boys go into a wood, but not all of them come out again.

Stories from the Floor


FRIDAY 29 May 2015

£7 admission

Listen to stories from the very talented bunch of tellers from the Calder Valley. This is another opportunity for you to tell the story that you have been dying to tell for ages. If you just want to listen, that is also fine.

"Maidens, Mayhem & Murder"
FRIDAY 24 April 2015

£7 admission

Born in the North East of Scotland, Ruth is an experienced and inspiring storyteller. Ruth contributes to programmes at Strathclyde University, Emerson College and the Scottish Storytelling Centre. She has presented at conferences,taught and performed  at festivals all over, including India, Iceland and recently Singapore.

She has a broad repertoire of stories and songs from Traditional and Traveller sources and a knack of knowing which of these gems she should ‘pull out of the bag.’
Her strength is in forming a warm rapport with her audience, respecting the tradition but giving her performance a personal, feisty sparkle.

Dominic Kelly

"The Hero Light"
FRIDAY 27 March 2015

£7 admission

*EARLY START at 7:30pm*

A brand new performance of Irish epic, brimming with exuberant humour and vitality. The story of Briccriu's Feast - filled with heroes, kings and battles for power - romps wildly through the battle strewn landscape of ancient Ireland. But beyond the light of the feast, with its surreal chaos and ale-soaked wit, awaits the gritty widescreen action of Irish mythology’s great epic – the Cattle Raid of Cooley. Balancing comedy, tragedy, and raw beauty, Dominic Kelly brings all of this and more to full bloodied life through sharp storytelling, vivid imagery and humour.


Xanthe Gresham

"Baba Yaga & Other Stories"
FRIDAY 27 February 2015

£7 admission

Xanthe Gresham summons goddesses and heroes to take centre stage, not from some long forgotten past, but emanating from here and now, you and me. She unfolds each tale like the petals of a lotus.  At the end, you leave with something beautiful created in your own mind. British Theatre Review

One is Baba Yaga - once a goddess of fire and fertility, now just a witch in Russian folkology. With her iron teeth and cannibalistic tendencies, she scuttles through the forest in a hut balanced on a pair of hairy chicken legs.

Katy Cawkwell

"The Falcon Bride"
FRIDAY 30 January 2015

£7 admission

Beautiful, fierce and deadly, Hallgerd is not a woman to be taken lightly, ripping through husbands like a falcon through its prey. But has she met her match in Gunnar, a true Viking hero?

Katy tells episodes from the great Icelandic Saga of Njal, bringing before you the passionate queen who curses the lover half her age when he leaves her and the initially poignant, finally devastating stories that unfold.

Darkly comic, tragically romantic by turns, this tale will have you gripped and offers a fascinating glimpse into pagan society in the land of fire and ice.



Jaqueline Harris

"The Headless Woman and other Delights"
£7 admission

A storyteller  leaves  Lancashire to spend 3 years on the Isle of Arran. This is what she found there.

Through storytelling performance, peep boxes and improvised storytelling, the audience are drawn into  a story circle where ancient tales of boggarts and mermaids hold hands with contemporary  accounts of supernatural landscapes against a backdrop of Scottish Island life.

The event is a collaboration between storyteller Jaqueline Harris and sculptor Marjan Wouda


Tristan Langlois

"Title to follow"
Date to follow
£7 admission

Informal storyteller with a Cristmas party atmosphere. details to follow.

"Tell me a fact and I'll learn. Tell me a truth and I'll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever."


The Shaggy Dog Storytellers provide storytellers for any performance or workshop.

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